It's been a while since the first blog entry, huh? Well, let's talk a little bit about Rurouni Kenshin and the status of the project. First of all, I would like to apologize for my English, I am Brazilian ... And secondly, I am not speaking on behalf of the team or in no one else's name, I'm just speaking for myself - Dan. Today I'm getting older, turning 28 and it's been a while since I decided to be someone more honest about my opinions.

Honestly, with everything that happened about Watsuki's case I was in shock and really thought about abandoning the project. But after reflecting about it, my story with Kenshin, my childhood, memories and everything else I could relate to this I decided to separate art from artist. It was not easy at all, but the truth is that I know Kenshin and not Watsuki. This does not make him "less author", but it's not like I knew Watsuki in the first place. Do you know the people responsible for the things you like? I became a big fan of the series in 2001, when the anime was shown here in Brazil with good voice actors (except Tsubame's) and a bad direction / translation. I have a great affection for the series and I have an incomplete collection (15/28) because currently I'm out of money time to buy the remaining volumes. I do not know what you guys think about all this case, but that's my opinion. I hope Watsuki sincerely repent for what he have done and find a way to try make up for the evil he has done. I really liked Hokkaido-hen and I hope Kenshin and his gang have once again a well-deserved happy ending, and who knows a new anime ...

That said, let's talk a bit about the project. When I still did not even know MUGEN, I was looking for some Rurouni Kenshin PC game and found a magazine that came with a CD of compiled MUGENs and had the "Samurai X" logo on the cover. Instant purchase. So I was enchanted, I did not even consider the quality of the sprites or the gameplay, I was just a fan playing a RK game on my computer, the feeling was incredible!

Some time later, I got curious and started searching about MUGEN on the internet. Eventually I started handling the software and met Aoshi24 (project leader). Later I started editing things for MUGEN, ripping sprites and then I started messing with sprites. Around this time, Aoshi got the Warner's permission to use Kenshin's sprites. So I offered to refine them, then it was Soujirou. I was away for a few years and when I came back I finished the Sanosuke sprites I had started before my hiatus. And here we are.

After a few years editing sprites, I got an interesting level of skill, although I'm not a professional, I've reached an interesting level in drawing sprites. Currently, I'm working alone on the next update which is just a graphical one. The sprites of Enishi and Jin-e have been updated, as have other news. I have received some questions about when we are going to release new characters and the answer is simple: I do not know. I was working at Misao, but the Aoshi24 decided to work on it, he has been offline for some time and we have to wait for him to come back. Due to personal issues, I'm having a hard time to dedicate some time to the project. As much as I am also a fan and want many characters of good quality (sprites / gameplay), I have my personal life and this project is an unpaid hobby, so I have to prioritize commissions and other jobs.

I hope to release the update later this month (no promises though). But I will try.
I'll leave a bonus of two character concepts:



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