Since the site goes offline once in a while due server issues I decided create a blog to keep the data in a stable way. I decided to keep the site's design with just a few changes. It's still missing aesthetic things, but the what really matters is here.
If I skipped something important, let me know through the comments.

Well, I'm always looking for Rurouni Kenshin news, so besides news about the game, I'll also post official annoucements here. So the blog will be updated more often.
That's it. Later.
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Axel Lord disse...

I love this blog, I think every time I get more excited about this project. I do not know how others see it but from my point of view it's an absolutely brilliant game, made by great creators. Until now he worked with the mugen who makes the editions and believes that a single character completely his own is partly part of the great work that is done in this project and sincerely fascinates me. On the one hand is a game so I wait an eternity, since I find it very promising and I really like samurai x on the other hand serves me as motivation to keep moving forward with respect to my own creations. I want to tell you that much fans and so far his work is the best he's seen.

Sorry for the bad English, I'm not very skilled to speak it so I need a translator if I want to comment.

Commentary by Axellord.

Marcus Vinicius Tiburcio De Lima disse...

Ansioso pelo jogo completo